About Lesley Powers, Founder and Chef, Bliss Gourmet Foods

Lesley Powers, founder and head chef of Bliss, has been creating ways for people to eat local, fresh and healthy for years. Powers got her start in food as the chef and proprietor of The Metro, a restaurant in Queensland, Australia.

Early on, Powers identified a winning formula: offer customers healthy and delicious food made from ingredients obtained from local farmers. Powers focused on using what was indigenous to the area and growing any ingredients she couldn’t buy fresh. Seasonality and locality drove the menu.

Word started to spread. The Metro became a favorite with guests who knew they could count on authentic food. Among the most popular dishes on the menu were a variety of cereals.

When Powers came to St. Paul, Minnesota to plant roots and start her business, she took her winning formula with her, adapting her Aussie cereals into a variety of offerings through Bliss Gourmet Foods. She uses local fruits, grains and honey to utilize the bounty of the Midwest in her Bliss Granola. Selling at farmers markets and boutique grocers, she has gained a loyal following in a few short years.

Bliss Granola is available at several metro locations. Bring Bliss home today.